The Storyline:  Two young cousins and their four animal friends share dream adventures on their way to find Storyland (and learn the magic of words)  – aboard an Icebreaking Ship, then on a Seaplane, and then on a Blimp called PALSOMINE   ('pals-of-mine').

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Help Your Child To Love Writing -- The ten linked stories in Sleepyheads -Telling Dreams draw child readers into the visually rich world of tales experienced in sleep - filtered by a young clairvoyant's exposure to storytelling's key tools and secrets. (See the first child reader's experience below cover illustration left.)

"It's a trap! The beaver's got a cavalry with him!"

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'Benny the Beaver in the Wild West'


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Inspiring a child to love writing is as easy as ... telling dreams. -- NEW by the author:  A book on how the Earth is a schoolroom, not a courtroom, in the Soul's climb toward Enlightenment.  Visit the site.

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