Our Brilliant Eternity -- Foreword

    Welcome to Our Brilliant Eternity, a book about healing, of occasional humor, of dedication to this resonant truth:  that inside every heart, inside yours and mine, is the Light of Divinity, is the Presence of Heaven.

    That this, God’s Joy in us may be transcendently experienced in a rupture of time through sincere desire, in a posture of humility that opens us to Grace. And then, beside the physical in a more brilliant state achievable with effort, in its greater expression as a frequency of Love that is all about us – unseen but there, sweetly breathable and tangible, concurrent with observed reality.

          LUKE 17: 21

    Inserted throughout the book are references to Biblical passages like the one above, indicating where Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is to be found – that it is all around, and inside of us. These references in the book will usually refer to the writing that precedes them, or which follows after, and if unfamiliar with them looking each one up is not critical or necessary.

    It was at the invitation to write an article for an online Christian magazine that the seed for this work was initially planted. The morning after the essay’s completion there remained a push of inspiration, an insistence of energy that hinted there was more.

    This happens in the world of writing, and likely in every art:  where a line leads to the start of a poem, the poem to a volume of poetry – a series of steps to a shining work of dance – or four repetitive notes, as in Beethoven’s Fifth magnificent work, to a regal symphony.

    While this book isn’t a symphony or volume of poetry, it has poetry in it and employs, it is hoped, the musical cadence and power of words:  It uses art to challenge widely accepted teachings on Eternity that I believe are, and have been for centuries, taught in error.

    The doctrine of eternal punishment for an erring soul – for a fallen divine Child – being the central one; the unfairness of One-and-Done theology being another.

    This sentence from the Preface compresses these assertions best:

                           Omniscience and Infinite Mercy are two qualities of God
            that texts for eternal hell can never bind together with the gift of free will.