New Children's Books

   This new page is not awaiting construction, it is waiting for kids -- to share their dream tales, actual or imagined, through words in this space.  If remembering dreams is hard, young writers are invited to make something up, the author of Sleepyheads did. And if finding a starting point for making something up is hard, kids are invited to use the human and animal characters from Sleepyheads to dream up their own stories.

   While not a true blog, in the sense that posts will not immediately present online without  review, the term is used because of its popularity. 

   All kid-friendly tales will be published (including any that are not dream-based, of course), and the writer's first name or initials will appear with a photo submitted by a parent or guardian -- or without one. The author's state of residence (or country) will be displayed after their initials or name, but without a hometown designation. More than one submission is welcome, but these will be separated by other stories out of fairness to everyone. (One submission please per fortnight... I know this word may need to be looked up, it's good practice ;)

   Original illustrations accompanying the stories are also welcome (please submit as JPGs or PNGs).

        IT'S YOUR TURN!

   Email all stories to: