For softly in our hearts there shines Your Light of Life eterne
                            The sun of youth we hold within whose brilliance beauty gives,
                        Your light of truth whose stirring will toward Thee cause our return
                            When purely as the little child Your goodness in us lives.

                        When that which did go out from You to learn the way of truth
                             Upon a single ray of light Thyself its glow within,
                        Has found the way, Your loving will, lay in the charms of youth
                             Who move and have their being where the spell of Joy begins.

                        Where harmlessness in fairest play with wonder vie for Thee
                              And loveliness from lessons learned in everything display
                        That where a child of Thine is found there by will goodness be
                              All else of lesser manifest alone this Joy delays:
                            Creation’s song to score with Thee Thyself its harmonies,
                            The beauty of perfected hearts, Thy Will, its melody.


The poem below was written during a night of interrupted sleep, one line at a time. In the morning on looking at the notebook its rhyming structure was clear from the ending words, and the lines were re-arranged this way.

 .                                                                Angelus

                                          Then we, one day, shall be as these
                                             Who move without a movement's sound,
                                          Whose gentle sight but beauty sees
                                             And touch a Golden Peace surrounds.

                                           And Love's expectant joy beholds
                                               In us the coming of the King   ̶
                                           Whose sovereignness but Freedom holds
                                               And rule a lasting treasure brings.

                                           And we, one day, shall be as these
                                               Whose seamless robes of Light are spun,
                                           Upon whose brow a jewel reveals
                                                Our heirship with the King's begun.

                                                And we, as these, one day will be.